Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Your washing machine is one of the largest consumers of electricity in your home. To help you save more money, here are some tips for you.

Clothes sorting.
People would not want to follow this because they believe it is time consuming and everyone wants to finish their laundry chores as quickly as possible. Sorting the clothes to its proper group makes the water temperature in your machine more suited and efficient. To sort clothes easily, better put hampers for different groups. For example, when you are washing dark clothes all together, the temperature could be lowered to warm. Hampers for different groups reduces cloth mixing and allows them to be washed until each group is full.

Near water source location.
Heat could be lost if it travels through a long way going to the washing machine. Hence, it is always advisable to put the washing machine beside the warm water tank. But if you prefer or you think your washing machine is too far from the tank, better put insulation into the hot water pipe to prevent heat loss.

Outside walls.
Pipes should not be attached with the outside walls, because if it is attached, the heat could possibly radiate through the wall. Putting a space between or adding wooden spacers between the pipes and wall can be a good protection with each other.

Level of Water.
Lower the water level if your washing load is light. But take note not to adjust it below the half water level mark as insufficient water could result in cloth damage and tangling.

Never overload.
Overloading is just a waste of time, energy and electricity. Each time your washing machine experiences overload, the motor have to strain itself in order to move the excess laundry loads. This will utilize more electricity.

Auto Fill.
With an auto fill feature, the benefit is that your washing machine automatically fills the up to the proper water level. It therefore uses less water for washing.

Filter cleaning.
Washing machines with accessible water filter must be cleaned after second load. With cleaner water, proper water flow lessen the time required to wash your dirty laundry. If excess lint accumulates in the filter, the lint could go back to the clothes and the clothes will be required to be washed all over again.

Machine level.
Washers should be consistent in balancing the water. Because going out of balance could waste unnecessary electrical energy. ifb washing machine 6.5 kg If the water is unbalance, the washer will be required to restart all over again and restarting the machine is an activity that consumes extra energy. Besides, this refilling of water again wastes water as well. If the washer keeps on unbalancing, the clothes could get soggy after the washing.

To conclude, the above are a few tips you can look at to improve your washing machine efficiency. Be sensitive of anything that disturbs, slows, lengthens and interrupts the operation in the machine. Any of these can waste electricity.

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